Have a Heart for Kids Day rally, 2015

2012 Legislative Session

Advocacy Works: Accomplishments in Washington’s 2012 legislative sessions

Hard times have hurt Washington’s children. Four out of 10 kids live in families that can’t afford the basics. Hunger has nearly doubled since the onset of the recession. Tens of thousands of additional children have been pushed into poverty. These hardships
disproportionately affect children of color. 

When legislators gathered in Olympia from late November of 2011 to April 2012, we were there, too.

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Hungry Children Need State Food Assistance

Every child needs access to good nutrition in order to learn, grow and thrive. But the number of hungry Washington households has nearly doubled since 2007. State Food Assistance ensures equal treatment of our state's hungry;eliminating SFA would further disrupt the lives of thousands of children – disproportionately children of color – all across the state.

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