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Dental Therapists: Bringing Care to Communities

All Washingtonians should be able to get dental care when they need it, regardless of where they live or how much money they have. Yet many can’t. Dental Therapists are licensed providers that extend the reach of the existing dental team. They can help people get the care they need to be healthy.

Dental Therapists will:

•    Expand dental care access to families and communities.
•    Save money by providing high quality routine, cost-effective care and preventing dental emergencies.

Policy Paper - 2009 Session: Childhood Hunger

The Children's Alliance 2009 End Childhood Hunger policy paper lays out our priorities for the 09 legislative session: support struggling families to provide at least two meals a day.

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Report: End Childhood Hunger in Washington

Nearly 300,000 children in Washington live in households that struggle to put nutritious food on the table every day. The issues these children face can be complex; solving their hunger is not: Feed children three nutritious meals each and every day.

Childhood hunger is a problem that is often hard to see, but its short-term and long-term effects on children’s health and well-being are clear. Childhood Hunger has no place in Washington. 

10 Point Strategic Plan to End Childhood Hunger in Washington

Ending Childhood Hunger in Washingtion Full Report

Executive Summary

Situational Analysis

Key Findings

10 goals

Conclusions and Timeline


Washington's Food Insecurity Rate Drops

New data show areas of the state where residents are most likely to be hungry

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Only 14% of low-income school kids get summer meals

Summer vacation leaves many Washington children hungry

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