Have a Heart for Kids Day rally, 2015

Child Facts

Fact Sheet: Federal Bonus for Apple Health For Kids

Apple Health for Kids— Washington state’s children’s health insurance program — has won a $17.6 million performance bonus from the federal government for its outstanding efforts to enroll children in health insurance and help them retain coverage. Washington, a long-time leader in health coverage for children, is one of just 15 states to be awarded a bonus. The award is a boost to the Apple Health for Kids program that many families are relying on to help them through the economic crisis.

The federal Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization (CHIPRA) law—the second bill signed into law by President Barack Obama—created performance bonuses to help states meet the cost of enrolling low-income children. The bonus structure set aggressive targets for enrollment and set a high bar for policies to promote enrollment, efficiency, and retention.

Frequently asked questions and responses from public officials and health advocates here. 

Fact Sheet: Foster Care

Washington State’s foster care system is currently subject to improvements mandated by the settlement of a class-action lawsuit filed in 1998. Under the direction of an outside panel (the Braam Oversight Panel) created in 2004, the state must meet agreed-upon benchmarks for improving placement stability, mental health services, foster parent training and information, safety and appropriateness of foster care placements, sibling separation and services to adolescents. Click on the attached fact sheet for more information about foster care in Washington.