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Interview: Trump's Changes to Public Charge (Español)

This July 29 interview with Northwest Immigrant Rights Project deputy director Malou Chavez describes the Trump Administration's plans to broaden the "public charge" rule as it applies to immigrants seeking lawful permanent residency. Listen now (mp3).

Adam Fri, 08/03/2018 - 17:03

Talking about Racism and Bias: Resources for parents and caregivers

Racialized rhetoric propelled President Trump’s harmful policy ideas toward the White House. Now, many of those ideas endanger kids in their homes, schools, neighborhoods and faith communities.

Parents and caregivers face the daily challenge of how to support kids in the midst of racialized rhetoric and bias incidents. Here are some resources that may help. Not all resources will fit each person or situation. Please exercise your own judgment and use what works for you.

Finding Home Visiting Services

Looking for home visiting services for your family or someone you know? Here are links to the evidence based programs in Washington State:

NFP site locator:


Early Head Start locator:


Parents as teachers locator:


Parent-Child Home Program site on Washington:


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