June, 2011

Medicaid: Good for Kids, Good for Business

Consider it a matter of dollars and sense: Medicaid is not only vital for the health of low-income children, the disabled and the elderly, but it is playing a critical role in the economic recovery.

Kids in the News, June 27, 2011

In this week’s edition, experts advise new Early Learning Race to the Top funds, the summer meals program continues to provide nutrition and sustenance to kids across the state, and the achievement gap persists between Latino and white students. More stories highlight the importance of an improved Medicaid system and the business pay-off on early education investments.

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Children need stability in their health care


This session, state legislators maintained access to Apple Health for Kids for all children in Washington State. Every day, hundreds of thousands of Washington children can get dental, mental, and preventive health care. Apple Health for Kids ensures that more of Washington’s kids than ever before have the chance to grow and thrive here.

That success is again under attack, this time from the federal government. 

Kids in the News, June 21, 2011

In this week’s edition, summer meals help fill the nutrition gap for kids out of school, Mary Ann Murphy, founding member of the Children’s Alliance, is honored for her tireless leadership combatting child abuse, and local advocacy to protect federal food stamps is on the rise. In national news, U.S. Sen. Rockefeller heralds Medicaid as the choice public coverage option for kids, and congressional decisions perpetuating child poverty contrast with successful efforts to halve child poverty in the U.K.

Governor puts child care assistance at risk

Children’s Alliance staff looked on last Wednesday as Gov. Chris Gregoire signed the two-year budget for July 2011 through June 2013, capping months of work by lawmakers to deal with the lingering impact of the recession. As we’ve said before, the budget makes damaging cuts to kids. One of the governor's actions will do nothing to repair the harm.

Kids in the News, June 15, 2011

In this edition, Children’s Alliance helps put together the puzzle pieces of ending childhood hunger, delivers the inaugural Brewster C. Denny Rising Advocate Award in honor of a longtime member at our 2011 Voices Luncheon, and awaits the signing of the state operating budget. National news highlights child poverty, summer meals, Medicaid cuts and the true benefits of early learning for kids in a democratic society.

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Kids and the road ahead


Last week’s Voices for Children Luncheon brought more than 400 supporters together to stand strong for kids and fuel their futures. Executive Director Paola Maranan delivered a powerful speech reminding us that all children deserve health and success, and that the future of our nation hinges on the success of children of color. Here are some highlights:

Paola's Speech

As harmful as the budget discussions have been for kids, there is another discussion that is even worse.

From our state capital to the nation’s capital, some policymakers are doing something other than just talking about how to solve a budget crisis. They are pushing conversations designed to reshape and redefine what we all do, through government, to support children.

This conversation is not a new one, and it is about more than just the numbers. It is ultimately about what — and who — we value.

It’s about which children deserve our support - and which do not.

Kids in the News, June 2, 2011

In this edition, the news continues to highlight state legislators’ protection of Apple Health for Kids. In addition, the need for revenue in our state and the possibility of new early learning federal funds are discussed, and in national news, food stamp funding is the subject of debate, while analysis of the federal debt ceiling and spending cap translates into “bad for children’s health.”

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